How to list org members that joined via SCIM invitation vs web invitation



Hi I need to pull all SCIM joined users from my org. I am currently using this GraphQL query which pulls all org members:

# Pass the URL for an Organization into the query
# to get a list of members in a specific Organization.
# Example: { "url": "" }
query getResource($url: URI!) {
  resource(url: $url) {
    ... on Organization {
      samlIdentityProvider {
        externalIdentities(first:100) {
          nodes {
            scimIdentity {
            samlIdentity {
            user {

How can I get a list of users that don’t have any null values for the attributes specified above?

How to I get a list of users whose samlIdentity is null?

How do I get a list of users whose scimIdentity is null?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


Hi @chris-mason-od,

It doesn’t look like we have support for this yet. I’m opening an issue in our internal tracker about getting it added.