How to list up all users in GitHub?



I’ve used REST API v3’s “GET /users” to list up all GitHub users’ "login"s. When migrating it to GraphQL API, I couldn’t do the same thing in Query’s fields (node, nodes, search, user). Is there any way to achieve it?

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Hi @k0kubun,

We don’t have a way of getting all users from the GraphQL API right now. I’ll add this as a schema request and will discuss with the team whether or not this feature will be coming forward to GraphQL. I’ll update you here when we have some more information.


I’m also interested in this.


Hi, I would like to have that feature too, specially on Github Enterprise



Maybe this can help :

  search(query: "type:user", first: 100, type: USER) {
    pageInfo {
    edges {
      node {
        ... on User {

Try it in the explorer


:wave: I wanted to share an update on this schema request.

Beginning in GitHub Enterprise 2.14, a users connection on Query (the root) will be added to the schema. For those not on GitHub Enterprise, I might suggest using @bertrandmartel’s suggestion.