How to return a files / folders list at a given private repo?


I’m trying to get a list of filenames in a given repo -> branch -> path to keep a live list of those filenames somewhere separate. Is there a way to access file lists the same way one would browse a repo on Github in the browser?



I’m sorry to say that at present this is not possible.

We’ve implemented it internally and it’s working “fine”, but we have a bit more work to do before we expose it publicly. The work involves ensuring that the viewing user has the right authorization to navigate the directories/files. We don’t want anyone just browsing private repositories at will!

I’ll update this thread when we have a publicly implemented version of this!


Great at least thanks for confirming it’s still work-in-progress! I managed to achieve what I needed with a user_token and the Github API v3 via the Node github module. But I do like how GraphQL can keep the response clean and exactly to the point for what you need.

Looking forward to it, and best of luck with those user rights / privileges settings! I can only imagine how complex that is!


Sooooo… is there any progress? After three month, still, there’s no API for file list…