Identifying users for GitHub Apps redirect not found


I wanted to authenticate a user with OAuth the directions here.

Step 1 is to redirect users to the following URL to request their GitHub identity: The client_id param is required here and the docs describe the client_id as: The client ID you received from GitHub for your GitHub App.

I mistakenly put the 4-digit APP_ID as the client_id and I was redirected to GitHub’s 404 Page Not Found page. After shamefully long debugging I realized that the client_id is actually Client ID that is in the OAuth credentials section of the Basic Information for the GitHub Apps page not the 4-digit APP_ID. After fixing this my redirect worked great :smiley:

Hopefully this post can help other people that may make the same mistake!


@leggechr Thanks so much for taking the time to post this. I’ll see if maybe we can’t clarify the docs a bit as well. :tulip:

As a side note, I know I’ve gotten mixed up between the app id and the installation id in some context or another… I think there are just altogether too many IDs :)