I'm seeing push webhooks for a repo in an org my integration is not installed on


I have an integration which I have installed on two orgs, as an example myorg and MyOrgUpper (I’m testing casing stuff).
in myorg I have a repo called test-integration which my integration IS NOT enabled for (I selected another repo at install time). I have forked test-integration into MyOrgUpper and there my integration IS enabled for that repo.

I now make a change on test-integration in myorg, where the integration IS NOT installed for that repo, however surprisingly my integration still gets the webook for the push on myorg/test-integration. It can’t seem to do anything with it as onwardly using the private key to try to download the code archive based on the details in that webhook for example returns a 404, but it still seems like crossed wires that I’m even seeing the webhook in my integration for a repo that the integration isn’t installed on.

It seems if I install an integration on a fork in another org org I get to see push webhooks for the repo that the fork was forked from.


I just received a similar (maybe same) problem. We have an integration on one repo but we just received a push event from a different repo. The repo id we have the installation on is 228094. We received a push from commit c3a7c103c903e0e16a2a8709fc2b9bf73a755767 which is on a different repo. The push event says the event is coming from the repo 228094 but its actually coming from a different repo. Org id is 82188. I can provide more detail if necessary.


Thanks for your feedback, that was indeed a bug. We’ve deployed a fix so you shouldn’t receive those from now on, thanks!


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