Inconsistencies in review request constants


Hi there,

Thanks for releasing the reviews API, I’m really excited to get our stuff working with it!

While trying some things out I noticed that the REST API and documentation use capitalized constants for review request states (e.g. APPROVED) whereas the webhooks use lowercase (e.g. approved under review/state).


One other piece of feedback - it’d be awesome if there were a way to determine via the API who has been marked as a reviewer on the PR (using the “Request a review” form), and if someone has started, but not submitted a review.

Motivation for the first part is that I’d like to notify the author that some of the people they’ve asked to review their PR have done so, but there are still some reviews that haven’t been written.

Motivation for the second comment is that often someone asks another person for a review in slack, and another person happens to jump on the PR too as they have some context the original author isn’t aware of. It’d be nice if there were some way for GH to show that the second person has started a review, but not submitted it, so that the author knows they should hold on merging until all reviews have been submitted.

Ideally there’d be an endpoint that could “list all pending reviews”, which would list all of the above.


Oh wait, it seems this already exists!