Install an app across an entire GitHub Enterprise instance


Has the ability to install an application accross the entire instance of GitHub Enterprise been considered? I thought I saw something about it, but a search is not turning anything up.

The usecase is for an app that does security scans on source code when a PR is submitted. Our security organization would like for this to be an automatic thing. Any violations found would just show up in the PR as comments.

Instead of requiring that everyone remember to install the app on their organization, they would like this to automatically be installed in all organizations.


We have a need for the same thing. We will need to have multiple Apps to do the following things:

  • scan repos for information about what languages/libraries/tools our developers are using
  • send PRs with updates to library versions, …
  • perform security scans
  • perform static code analysis scans

Currently we are thinking of building a workaround tool which will ‘remind’ everyone to install the Apps, but having an option to install App globally would save us a lot of time.


@jniesen, @jakubka :wave:,

thanks for your feedback. We’ve seen this request in the past, so I’ve forwarded your comments to the corresponding feature request tracking issue, to make sure we reflect the interest of the community.