Installation id sometimes missing from status webhooks


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It appears like that only this user: hemerajs is affected.
What could be the reason?



Hi again, @Realtin. Could you please provide a bit more information here? It’s really hard to guess what seems to be the problem.

Which application is this about, and can you share the webhook delivery ID for one such delivery, and point out what exactly is unexpected in that delivery and what you expected to see instead?

Being clear and sharing as many specific details as possible helps us understand the situation, and offer advice or investigate further on our end.



Greenkeeper is getting the StatusEvent Webhook from the repository hemerajs/hemera. Normally the StatusEvent Webhook will have information about (among else): state, sha, repository and installation. But somehow in the case of this particular repository the installation is not part of the infos coming from the webhook.

Unfortunately I don’t have the webhook delivery ID :disappointed:

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Unfortunately I don’t have the webhook delivery ID :disappointed:

@Realtin Without that information it’s very hard for us to offer advice and investigate further. If you add some logging so that you record the delivery ID and the full webhook delivery payload, share that here next time you see this problem and we can investigate. And also provide the ID of the integration and installation which this is for.

As far as I can tell, the hemerajs account doesn’t have a Greenkeeper app installed on any repository.


@Realtin Ahhh, I think I see something that might be causing problems. That repository was transferred from a personal account which does have the Greenkeeper application installed to an organization which doesn’t have that application installed. I’m guessing this is causing some inconsistent behavior.

I’ll open an internal issue and ask the team to investigate to see what’s the expected behavior here and if we can fix this up. We’ll followup here if there’s any other information the team needs


@Realtin :wave: So, that repository should no longer have been a part of the installation since it was transferred to a different account (an account which doesn’t have the App installed). Normally, when a repository is transferred like that – it is automatically removed from the installation. But it seems that failed for this repository. The team is investigating why that happened, but for now – the manually removed the repository from that installation so you should no longer be seeing this problem. If you notice this again – please let us know!

Thanks again for reporting this!


Thank you for your help! :sparkling_heart: