Installing Integrations on GitHub Enterprise


I couldn’t find any information on this, so I’m asking here:
(How) do you plan to support integrations for GitHub enterprise customers?
Will they be available at all?
How will enterprise customers set them up? Do they have to create integrations themselves, just like oAuth applications, or can we provide them preconfigured installations?

Would be cool if you could share your plans on this.
Thank you.


Also looking for this info. Will integrations work transparently on Enterprise and .com?


Hey @boennemann and @paraskakis. Sorry this thread fell through the cracks.

We do plan to support Integrations for GitHub Enterprise. We don’t have a specific timeline in mind yet, but it’s not currently available during the Early Access.

How will enterprise customers set them up? Do they have to create integrations themselves, just like oAuth applications, or can we provide them preconfigured installations?

We don’t yet have solid plans around any special implementations in Enterprise. Ideally we’d like to make the set up process easy and intuitive. I’m curious to hear more ideas on how you think the setup process could work best in Enterprise. The idea of preconfigured installations is really interesting.


Is there any update on this? We’ve developed a new application around the Integration API and now wanting to make it work for customers using Github Enterprise. Do you have a better since (200 days later!) on timing of this in the enterprise product?


ping … now that integrations are officially github apps … can you please inform when this api will be available on enterprise?


We’re currently planning to bring GitHub Apps support to GitHub Enterprise 2.11.


@jmilas Do you have an estimated date on when GitHub Enterprise 2.11 will be released?
We have a GitHub app that we want to integrate it with our enterprise customers.


Hi! GitHub Enterprise 2.11 is ready and I still don’t see it available. Any idea when GitHub apps will be available in GitHub Enterprise?


Any updates on when GitHub Enterprise will support GitHub Apps?


Thanks for bumping this thread, @mspiegel and @mfocaraccio. Our current plan is to bring GitHub Apps to GitHub Enterprise 2.12 as Early Access. As you’ve hopefully seen, we’re currently working through the REST API to ensure the most complete coverage for GitHub Apps which has resulted in enabling many new endpoints…and more to come (See the blog post for more info). To ensure a consistent experience between and GitHub Enterprise, we’re waiting for the completion of this before getting things brought over to the Enterprise side, and we plan to have this ready for the next release.


@jmilas We are also eager to know the roadmap of GitHub App support for GitHub Enterprise. Roughly when will GitHub Enterprise 2.12 ready? do you think it will be available by the end of this year? Please keep me in loop if anything related came out.


We’ve had a couple of people ask if our app (Dependabot) is available on GitHub Enterprise, too. Would love be kept in the loop if/when GitHub Apps are supported there.


Hi @jmilas, today GitHub Enterprise 2.12 was released and still no news on Github Apps support for GitHub Enterprise.

We have big companies waiting for our app to be working with GitHub Enterprise, any plan to release that soon?

If there is an early program process, I’d love to hear about it.
Thanks in advance for your help!



@mfocaraccio GitHub Apps did ship today in GitHub Enterprise 2.12 as an Early Access. It should be available to anyone to access. Unfortunately it got accidentally left off of the release notes. Sorry for the confusion there.

We’d love your feedback as you start to use GitHub Apps in Enterprise. We know there is some additional work to do to optimize things for that environment, but we look forward to your thoughts and input there.


@jmilas Thank yo so much for your quick response, I super appreciate it! :slight_smile:
Now that I’m testing the app integration, is there any way to setup a GitHub app at an instance-level instead of organization by organization?

As far as I checked I need to create a new app for each organization and that could be a huge blocker for companies with multiple (100s) organizations.

Any help is super appreciated. Happy to jump into a call to get more details.



Hey @mfocaraccio!

You should be able to make an application once and install it on any organization (see for Public vs Private applications).

As for installing GitHub Apps at the instance level, that is not currently supported. I’ll pass that feedback along to our team!