Integrate Jenkins with GitHub API


Hello Experts,

As a part of POC (Proof of concept) we want to configure our CI with integration between Github and Jenkins.
For which i already exposed my Jenkins (using public static IP) to external world. So that i can access and configure my personal GitHub account (Free account) to it using webhook .
But still i am not able to trigger PR (Pull request Jobs ) in jenkins. Just want to know is there any configuration needs to do in my firewall for incoming request (i.e from GitHub --> Jenkins).

I also checked that all the delivery under GitHub webhook is Green and and response code is 200 OK.

I am sure you must have experienced this scenario already.


Hey there @badgujar, thanks for your post. This is the forum for the GitHub GraphQL API and the GitHub Apps feature.

Your best bet to get help with this particular question is to email GitHub Support:

I’m pretty sure that if anyone at GitHub knows the answer to this one, it’s them.


Thanks for your reply @kytrinyx.
I will do the needful with reference to your provided pointers.