Integrating GitHub Commit Information




We are looking to integrating GitHub commit information

Our need is as specified below

  1. Read commit information from multiple branches as well as from multiple repositories
  2. Solution should be such as we can use it as a scheduler job such as retrieve events in sorted order so that we can fetch only new commit information in sorted order

We had explored

But in the above api , we have some queries as mentioned below

  1. We are not able to apply filters like type of API e.g. PushRequest
  2. We are not able to find filters on repository id/name
  3. Also this api having limit constraints “Fetching up to ten pages is supported, for a total of 300 events.
    Only events created within the past 90 days will be included in timelines. Events older than 90 days will not be included (even if the total number of events in the timeline is less than 300).”

So Can you suggest us is there any configuration to reduce this limitations OR is there any API in GraphQL which can help us ?

Hardik Shah


Hi Hardik!

Thanks for your questions, I can help a bit:

  1. That’s correct, events can’t be filtered by type. However, if you create a webhook, you can opt into events you’re interested in.
  2. To filter events, use a different URL pattern. For example, to list events from React.js, you could use: /repos/facebook/react/events . This is documented in Other URL patterns are available to filter in other ways, they’re also shown in the docs there.
  3. To manage event data yourself, you can create webhooks. That way, you could receive event data from GitHub and store it yourself, then use it in your code.

Is that helpful?