"integration_installation" hook event name changed to "installation"?


I noticed a change in the docs however my app still gets integration_installation - I’m not sure what to expect from now on?


Since it’s only deprecated, it seems that both events are sent (first installation and then integration_installation).

However, I found that it’s only the case for the created action.

Currently, for the deleted action, I’m only receiving the deprecated event.


wow this can get so messy. I rather they send either, but only a single time so I don’t have to start handle dupes.


If they solve the problem with the deleted action you should be able to use only the installation event and forget about the other one.

In the meanwhile, what’ve done to avoid processing things twice:

  • only process installation events having created action
  • only process integration_installation events having deleted action


You can see more details here, but we’ll be sending both versions (deprecated and new) until November 22nd 2017. As you’ve noted, there was an issue where we weren’t sending the new version for the deleted action, but that should be fixed up now.