Integration vs OAuth rate limits



What are the GitHub teams thoughts on how rate limits will work with integrations as it evolves? According to the API rate limit for an integration will be 5000 per hour across the whole installation. With OAuth we get 5000 per hour / per user.

Are there any plans to change this limit to take into account how many users an integration has in an organization? For our users with 100’s of team members, a limit of 5000 will get used up really quickly!

This is a blocker for us being able to switch over


Hi @azenMatt,

Thanks for asking. Yes, that limit is just our initial setting and there are plans to change that fixed limit to be a dynamic size-based one. We’ll be developing that in the coming weeks, and will update you when there’s more info.



Great - thanks for getting back to me. Looking forward to the updates :slight_smile: