Is DeployedEvent on a PullRequest



The docs say it represents a deployed event on a given pull request, but it doesn’t seem to actually be a field on PullRequest. Is there a way to get DeployedEvents from PullRequests or do they only exist on Deployments?


:wave: Hi @Alisuehobbs!

I believe that a DeployedEvent lives on the pull request timeline connection. Does something like this help?

query($url:String!) {
  resource(url:$url) {
    ... on PullRequest {
      timeline(last:100) {
        edges {
          node {
            ... on DeployedEvent {



This is definitely helpful. Thank you!

However, we are also looking to get the deployment to the master branch from the pull request and we can’t find that connection (merge commits are not on the PR’s timeline). We would like to make a schema request for a connection between Commit to Deployments, or for a way to pass in a commit sha as an argument for Deployments off of Repository.