Is it possible to search using a keyword among all pull requests or issues through Apis?


I want user to type a string like google search and when hits enter it should show PR’s or Issues matching that string


Hey @goelashish7!

I believe something like this may be possible using the GitHub Search which we support via the GraphQL root search query, which you can see in the connections documentation.

Let me know if you run into any trouble!


I think I am more interested in a keyword search. First, i want to find all
the pull requests assigned to me and then search on query parameter "q?"
something like that. I am not able to get exact thing what needs to be done.


Hey @goelashish7!

Unfortunately, this is trending into more of a GitHub Search question and less of a GraphQL question! When you use the GraphQL search connection, it goes into the same backend system that processes Search on, which should allow you to search for what you need!

We have some documentation on how Issue and Pull Request search work, and I believe you can get what you want from there!

A search string like q? in:body assignee:nickvanw is:pr should search for all PRs assigned to me with q? in the body.