Is the `installation` webhook documentation out of date?


I am getting way more fields in an installation webhook than documented at

Can I rely on fields that are not documented?


There are at least three fields that I know of that are default in webhooks (depending on context), and therefore not documented on each one:

In addition to the fields documented for each event, webhook payloads include the user who performed the event (sender) as well as the organization (organization) and/or repository (repository) which the event occurred on, and for a GitHub App’s webhook may include the installation (installation) which an event relates to. An example is given in the PullRequestEvent payload.

Are you seeing fields other than the ones mentioned above?


Is the installation documented? I am getting the event as documented, but it has additional fields in the installation. Like target_id, target_type, permissions, events, single_file_name. I can guess what some of these are, but documentation would be better.

(It seems only the high level event objects are document - is there no place where things like account and installation or even repository are documented? Or am I looking in the wrong place?)

Does target_id/type correspond to


Ah, right! I see what you mean now. I looked at a delivery of an installation event in one of my apps and I’m seeing the discrepancy with the fields in the example payload.

Let me dig around a bit and see what I can find out.