Is there a sanbox/test API?


Is there a sanbox/test API?

it would be useful for integration tests. Several APIs already provide something like that (intercom for instance).

Since schema may change (expectedly without breaking changes) it could be specially important :slight_smile:


I found this, hope this is useful to you. And again, I would like to know if there is some guide to follow (like helloworld!). Let me know, I have read lot of documentation and not many implemented examples. If you have any links to examples, pls share, appreciate your help.


I also saw that, but I was thinking more about something I could run integrations tests against. Not sure if that url works for that…


You could run integration tests against the actual API endpoint (, but they’ll break frequently as we update the schema. Because it’s early access, breakage really should be expected :sweat_smile:

We don’t provide any sort of special testing endpoint at this time. Sorry!


Since GraphQL is totally introspective, you could occasionally fetch a dump of the schema in an IDL format and run your tests against that. You can fetch it all in one-go with GET

Would that work, @pedrorijo91?


totally understand that a beta access may be broken :slight_smile: (and sorry for not noticing your answer @davidcelis )

The thing is that production APIs have some limitations (GitHub API for instance has rate limits).

A sandbox environment could offer fake data, relaxing the rate limits, since it would be common to have a lot of requests in a short period.