Kickstart the addition of an "integration" from own app


How do I kickstart the addition of an “integration” from my SaaS app; rather than having the user go to their github account, lookup the integration and add it?

Request for API to Install Integration

I have the same question. We have want users to add the integration from our portal, for which we will have to establish the OAuth flow. However, we want to use that to install our application as an integration.

Please let us know if there is a plan to support this, now or eventually.


In case your search didn’t show anything, it’s discussed Installation Flow

Specifically Installation Flow and Installation Flow


@bradleyfalzon, thank you very much for this update. I will direct feedback to that thread moving forward!


oh btw, my response isn’t official, but I was aware of the question because I also have exactly the same one and also would love this feature soon.


@salmonz You can send users directly to your integration’s public url which you can find at to begin the installation process.