Large files get truncated in V4 API? (500kb of 1.8Mb returned)


I am using following Graphql query to retrieve file blob. I only get partial file each time. About 500kb of 1.8Mb is returned. It’s a query on Open source repo so you can try it out in the explorer.

  repository(name: "PythonDataScienceHandbook", owner: "amit1rrr") {   
    long_file: object(expression: "cfefaf4f5f66cd4ae9092ca663cef773919614d2") {
      ... on Blob {

As I understand form docs, blob should return objects upto 100mb. So why am I seeing partial response?

For comparison, here is the full file contents that I am expecting.

FYI: Rest API v3 returns full file contents.


Ping for visibility!


Can someone help?

I am stuck on making N calls via V3 whereas it could have been done in 1 call in V4.