List cards an issue is associated to


Given a issue ID, I would like to get the ID(s) of the card(s) this issue has been associated to.

Ideally I would like a new type of column that automatically populates (and updates) itself with issues associated to specific issue labels. For example, a specific “Priorities” project would have a neat overview of all my issues ordered by priorities, where one column would list all issues that have the “Priority: Low” label, the next would list all issues with the “Priority: Medium” label, etc. Another project, “Scope”, would have a column for the “Scope: Authentication” label, another for the “Scope: Payroll” label, or “Scope: Charts”, etc. You wouldn’t be able to drag “to” these columns though.

Now that’s a very specific feature request so in the meantime I could probably do it programmatically.

Provided that I use a webhook to be notified when an issue has been labeled or unlabeled:

  1. if the issue was unlabeled, and that label was “Foo”,
  • I would then want to find all the cards that this issue is associated to,
  • then for each card, find the corresponding column name,
  • if that column name has a specific format (say “Label: Foo”), then assume that column is meant to automatically list all issues that have the label “Foo”,
  • since the issue was unlabeled, and that label was also “Foo”, remove the corresponding card from the column,
  1. if the issue was labeled, and that label was “Bar”, then I probably will have to iterate over all the projects, and all the columns names, find the columns that have a specific format (say “Label: Bar”), and add a card for that issue in each of these columns.