Loggly Github Integration


After Loggly preforms log analysis on my logs to identify the errors my app produces, what is the process by which I can make changes to my code in GitHub / how does the integration work? I hear that the GitHub integration is a feature of the newly released Loggly 3.0, and I want some more info.


Hi Neel,

Thank you for your question. Yes, Loggly 3.0 does have an integration with GitHub. With your GitHub credentials entered in Loggly, you create a linkage between the error logs and the code. Your stack traces will include links to each file in the code version where the error was most recently activated. In your troubleshooting workflow, you can easily search for the errors/exceptions and follow the links to the offending code in GitHub. This way you pinpoint the code to fix and can also see who committed it. For more information, see the documentation at https://www.loggly.com/docs/github-integration-loggly/.

Hope this helps,