Login from iOS & download a single file (using Unity3D engine)


I drop this into the API section…
but more looking for a www based API…

I already opened a thread on the Unity forum in case …

I am making a container app for iOS using Unity3d.

  1. The user should login to GitHUB.
  2. Should access to a list of file (mostly image file type).
  3. download possible.

Well so far…

  • I have made a github app, then I have the client_id and the client_secret.

Making research I found this url works to request permission to user for your app :

url = “https://github.com/login/oauth/authorize?scrop=user:email&client_id=” + client_id

Well if you copy past the url with your client ID directly into the browser it will redirect you to your home page url with a form like :

The code always change on each login or session.

Finally back to Unity, you can use a WWWForm, etc… with the following data to get receive the token :

The big question is how could the login could be done via wwwForm and it it exists.
Then file request from a Private repository.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Hey there, thanks for your post.

This is the forum for the GitHub GraphQL API and the GitHub Apps feature. It doesn’t sound like that’s what you’re asking about.

If you don’t hear back in the Unity forum, then I would suggest trying https://stackoverflow.com.