Major issues with integrations

  • I’ve created an integration under my organization.
  • The integration is installed to all repos under my organization.
  • I’m authenticating to github with the integration.
  • Github is accepting my authentication.
  • Everything in my integration is read access.
  • Issues are write access. returns:
[message] => Resource not accessible by integration
[documentation_url] =>
) returns:
) returns:

  • However if I create a public repo it will return that.

Now I know the integrations is a rather new system public system. But shouldn’t reading stuff already be working? Or am I simply overlooking something?


Hey @Shinrai,

It looks like a couple of the endpoints you’re hitting aren’t supported by Integrations. You can see the list of available endpoints here.

Also, double-check that you’re providing the application/vnd.github.machine-man-preview+json custom media type in the Accept Header for your requests.

If you’re still unable to get things working with an available endpoint, let us know.


None of the examples are supported yet according to the docs. However the even some of the supported end points are not working as expected.
For example:
/repos/:owner/:repo/issues returns:
[message] => Not Found
[documentation_url] =>

I’ve already double checked the ownership of the repo and the repo name.

I’m also already sending the media type header.

Like I mentioned before, public repos seem to have no issue with the requests. Private repos appear to be hidden even though the permissions in the integration are set to read on those repos.


Since this is dealing in private repositories, would you mind contacting us via That way we can work with you privately with your specific repositories in case it’s a bug or permission problem.


Already sent a message through there.