Migration Plan for node databaseId field?


Hi! Could anyone shed some light as to what the migration plan will be when they phase out the databaseId field in favour of Relay ids? I have an app that stores references to repos via their database id (back when I was using the v3 REST API), and I’m wondering what steps I’ll need to migrate the data once they fully deprecate the databaseId field in GQL response nodes.


Hi @syropian! We literally have a blog post, in a PR, in the works to discuss this, but because of the US holiday of Thanksgiving this week, we haven’t published it yet. Sit tight, it should be out soon!


@gjtorikian That’s great to hear! I look forward to reading it :slight_smile:


Hey @syropian! We’ve just posted an announcement about databaseId, let me know if you still have any questions or concerns :slight_smile: