Milestone events (webhook)


I have an app that is pretty reliant on receiving up to do date milestone information, I have set up (before seeing that I couldn’t enable it anyway) code to handle the following event:

I have the permissions I would expect to need to see it (issues, pull requests, repository), and I have also tried having full access to everything in that list, but I don’t milestone in the Subscribe to events list.I receive the hooks for when issues are added/removed from milestones but I also need to see when milestones are closed, deleted or change, for example.

Is there something huge I am missing? I don’t see it listed in the screenshot at either.


Hi @thorlock12,

It looks like milestones are enabled, but you’re right—I don’t see the milestone events in the available subscriptions for apps. I’ll open an issue to see what’s going on with this, and will report back when I know more.


any update?


any update?


Hey @thorlock12 @wcl48-machine-user :wave:

Just wanted to let you know that the team deployed some changes and you should now be able to subscribe to milestone events now.

Let us know if you notice any problems!