Missing closedAt field on Issue, PullRequest and Milestone



The closedAt field seems to be missing on Issue, PullRequest and Milestone. I guess it would make sense to include it for all the objects that implement the Closable interface (although the Milestone object doesn’t implement it :thinking: ).

The equivalent field is available on the REST API for issues (and pull requests) and milestones:

Is it possible to include this in the GraphQL API as well? Thanks!


Hi! Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve opened an issue to request these fields and we’ll follow up here when we have an update!



I confirmed today that both the Issue and PullRequest objects implement the Closable interface (the documentation is up to date as well), though the change is not listed in the changelog.

Just mentioning it here for the benefit of people following this thread or users that might have a similar use case, and thanks to the team for the quick turnaround! :raised_hands:


Yes! These have been added, and Milestone now implements Closable too!

Not sure why those changes didn’t make it into the changelog :thinking:; we’ll look into that.