More App-Provider Information During App Approval Process


As someone looking to contribute Apps to the marketplace, I’d find it useful to have more information on the status of the App request aside from “pending approval”. Currently I’ve had a request pending for several days with no information on if there is an issue with it, if its in a queue waiting it’s turn (in which case knowing if its moving up in the queue would be awesome to know), or any other indication - for all I know there is a freeze on new Apps to the Marketplace right now, as I haven’t seen any new additions in the days since I submitted the request.

I really like the direction the Marketplace is taking Apps overall - makes it very easy/clear to see what tools are available, and to add them to my projects. Thanks!


Hi @romeara :wave: Your feedback seems to be related to Marketplace, not to GitHub Apps. Marketplace can be used for both GitHub Apps and GitHub OAuth applications, and this forum is only about building GitHub Apps (not for Marketplace). I recommend reaching out to GitHub Support via the contact form and that should get routed to the folks who maintain Marketplace and they’ll be able to offer advice. Thanks!


@izuzak - Thanks for the guidance, I shall submit this as feedback via the contact form

Can we have some status updates on Marketplace?