Moving GitHub Project Cards that are "in triage"


I’m building a app that creates a project card. However, I’m running into a issue where a user uses the “Projects” side menu and adds the card to the same project.

Because that action actually creates the card in the project, another card cannot be created for the same issue (makes sense). In this case I would like to be able to use the API to move the card from “Triage” to a certain column. However, I am unable to find a endpoint that would give me access to the card id of cards that are in triage.

Steps to Reproduce:
Create a GitHub Project (repo) with at least 1 column
Create a new issue, and select the Project from the new issue creation form
Attempts to create a card with the api (post at with that issue produces a 422 Unprocessable Entity exception
There is no way to find the id number of the card in Triage to move it out of triage.

Suggested Fix:
Create an endpoint that lists the cards in Triage for a project. Allow the cards to be moved to a column.

You could have Triage show up as a column (with a column id) when you list columns for a project, then we could use that id to list cards in triage.

Please let me know if I missed a way to do this.


Hi @jmatsuba,

Reading this I realize that I might not actually know our projects feature well enough!

My first instinct is to wonder whether there has been some drift between the UI feature and the APIs. I’m going to go figure out who knows what and what is up with this, and I’ll report back here.


Alright, I found the people working on it. Here’s what’s going on with this:

  • These features have been built on top of the GraphQL API (so this is available via GraphQL)
  • There are plans to add REST API endpoints for this (but we can’t promise a timeline)
  • GitHub Apps and GraphQL don’t yet play together nicely (again: enabling graphql for GitHub Apps is planned, but not yet a reality)

I’ve added your request to the tracking issue, and we’ll report back here when we know more.

I wish I had a more satisfactory answer!


Thanks for the update @kytrinyx

Please do keep me posted on new endpoints. :slight_smile:

If you could poke the product manager responsible for getting it prioritized that would be great! It really hurts the usability of the app i’m developing. However, I know the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, so i’ll do mark it as a gotcha in my app for now.


@kytrinyx Just checking if there’s been any update on this.