New to Github-- Have issue


I am new to github and have and issue. I do not know if this is fhe correct forum for this post. If it is posted incorrectly please direct me to correct location.

I am trying to configure github on a Multitech conduit and running into the following . I have successfully installed it on my ubuntu server and it works.


OS - mlinux

admin@mtcdt:~# cat /etc/mlinux-version
mLinux 3.3.6

Using command -

admin@mtcdt:~/source# git clone --recursive

git: /usr/lib/ version `OPENSSL_1.0.0’ not found (required by git)

Checked for openssl -

admin@mtcdt:~# opkg install openssl
Package openssl (1.0.2k-r0.0) installed in root is up to date.


That is the error that I receive. I have checked to see that I am on the latest version and I am. Can you direct me to a solution. Please remember this is is a device with and embedded linux version. It is updated to the most recent version also. Thanks.