Octokit::AbuseDetected limits?


Hello friends, we have started seeing Octokit::AbuseDetected for one specific customer’s installation, who I think simply selected “All Repos” but has a lot of repos. When we attempt to read them (“slowly”, one page at a time, with the normal /installation/repositories endpoint), we always receive this:

GET https://api.github.com/installation/repositories?page=36&per_page=100:
403 - You have triggered an abuse detection mechanism. Please wait a few
minutes before you try again. // See: https://developer.github.com/v3/#abuse-rate-limits

This only happens for one specific customer’s installation — so what is the appropriate action here? Can we get the limit raised? I’d of course like to avoid having to find a way to manually slow down Octokit’s pagination calls (we simply use github_client.paginate('/installation/repositories', accept: accept) with Octokit.auto_paginate = true), but we could do that if necessary.


We’re actually starting to see Octokit::AbuseDetected pretty often, across many installations. Would love any advice on how to address this.


This ended up being our fault, there was a user who had forked 17K repos (!) and we were handling that edge case inefficiently.


Thanks for following up on this @fotinakis (and sorry for not getting back to you sooner). I’m glad you were able to get to the bottom of the issue.