Odd rate limit abuse errors


Hello GitHub,

I’ve recently noticed that the v4 API has started returning HTTP 403 errors with the following message, even though we’re not approaching the actual rate limit.

“You have triggered an abuse detection mechanism. Please wait a few minutes before you try again.”

The query in question posted to another thread Request: Improve API so it's faster to pull large data sets

The thing is that we’re just making a search request for issues, reading a few pages of results and making some follow up requests to read timeline events for some of the issues. Nothing special really.

I’ve already removed all concurrency and now I’m tweaking the timings to make our client go slower to see if that would help.

It would be great if you can relax the abuse detection mechanism so that regular integrations are not affected.


Hi @TuomasTammi

It seems as though you may be hitting secondary rate limiters. Would it be possible for you to write in to our Support team at support@github.com so that we can help you understand why? More details will be needed and it would be useful to include things such as X-GitHub-Request-Id response headers for requests which were limited in this way as well as the username of the account with which you’re making requests.

Thank you!