One query for Pagination


I am trying to use pagination with the following query:

  organization(login:"organization_name") {
    members(first: 100, after: "") {
      pageInfo {
      nodes {

I want to get the first page, but I get an INVALID_CURSOR_ARGUMENTS error. Is there specific first page cursor that I should send, or do I have to have a separate query without the after to get the first page?


If you want first page, instead of sending an empty string as the after cursor value, just omit it:

members(first: 100) { ... }

If you’re using a variable, you can set it to null:

members(first: 100, after: $membersCursor) { ... }

  "membersCursor": null


Wow, that was incredibly simple. Thank you for answering all of my newbie questions. :smile: