Outbound Notification Settings for Apps


We make use of github apps to automate some of our processes. One feature is we automatically reply to every opened PR with a list of JIRA work items, their names, and their summaries (linking back to JIRA). This ends up sending an email per PR back to the creator/everyone mentioned in it, which can cause annoyance when there’s a high volume of PRs opened.

It would be helpful to have settings, either at an app-wide, action type, or individual API call level, that would determine the noisiness of notifications (or the reverse - notification settings that say “ignore this user”, but that’s more a front-end thing than a github apps thing).


This is an interesting use case, @BaconSoap.

I can’t think of a way to do this with notifications that wouldn’t be a terrible, horrible, no good hack :slight_smile:

It seems to me the real problem here is that we’re not giving you a more appropriate way to attach the JIRA information to the PR, and so you end up having to use issues as a workaround, which gets us into notification territory.

I can’t promise a resolution or a timeline, but I’ve passed the request and use case on to the team.

Thanks :tulip:


Agreed that it seems very hacky. In a happier world I’d prefer to use GitHub projects/issues instead of jira, and then no integration would be needed. We’re using the automated PR comments to help reviewers understand the context of a pull request/requirements.

I actually discovered the X-Github-Sender header in the emails sent right after submitting this post, which we can make an outlook rule for.

I [patiently] look forward to a [hypothetical, not-on-the-roadmap] future where we can more natively link pull requests with external issue trackers :slightly_smiling_face:



Me too!

The sender header sounds like a reasonable workaround in the meantime. I’ll keep that one in mind to suggest to others if this comes up again.