Pagination is not working


Pagination is not working on the Projects API


Hey @jonan. That’s a known limitation while this API is in Early Access. As is noted here, right now you may only get up to 30 records at a time.

We’ll be adding pagination in the near future.


Hello @jmilas

Note that this page you linked was recently replaced by and there is no mention of this limitation on this page. And there is the Link: part in the example response that may let think users that pagination is now supported (which is not, there is still no Link header, and no support of the page parameter).

PS: more that a month from the release of this API, and we can now see projects with more than 30 cards by columns. without any way to access them this is quite useless :-/


:wave: @twidi,

With the release of the latest Projects endpoints, pagination should be supported for projects, columns and cards. Is there a particular endpoint where you’re not seeing a Link header or the page parameter isn’t working?


Oops, it seems that I still used the old urls with the repository and the project number. I thought they’d work the same!

I just updated my code to use the new urls and it worked like a charm.

So I’ll hide myself in a corner of my desk emitting some “I’m so sorry” until you forgot me :smiley:


It fact “like a charm” was not correct. Cannot get anything else than a 500 while fetching :-/ (it’s of course ok for the first page)

(it’s a public repository)


Oh no! That looks like a bug @twidi. I’ll investigate the issue and get back to you as soon as I can.


@bswinnerton any news on this? I still see the error for every column with more that 30 cards :-/


@twidi, would you mind giving this another try? I think we’ve resolved the issue.


Yes I can confirm that. Thanks a lot.