Payload not appearing in initial webhook


Maybe I’m doing something silly, but when I test out the initial webhook after creating my integration, I don’t actually see the payload in the request. I’m running a simple node server locally, pointing to it via ngrok and using that url as my webhook, and logging out the request from the initial webhook (using the integration profile page to re-send the request). And while the headers appear correct, the request doesn’t appear to contain anything in the body. Am I doing something wrong?


Hey @rralian :wave:. That’s definitely strange – I just tried reproducing this and I see the payload just fine. That makes me think something is not delivering the body to your code on your end.

Here’s an idea for debugging this, just to confirm that the body is being sent. Create a request bin and then create an integration which has the request bin’s URL as the webhook URL. Then check the request bin to see the delivery. If you don’t see the payload there either – please provide a link to that request bin and the ID of the integration (you can get that on the integration’s settings page).

Hope this helps!


Thanks, I figured I was doing something wrong. I tried your suggestion and saw the body was coming through correctly. Turns out I needed to add app.use(bodyParser.json()); in order to read the data. Then it worked like a charm. I’m sure I’ll have more silly questions as I test things out.