[Performance] Search issues based on the last updated date



Hey everyone,

I’m trying to migrate my app to the graphQL. In v3 API, I can query issues using the since parameter to find issues updated/created after a specified date. However, it looks like the only way to do this in GraphQL is to use search query. Using the search query in GraphQL is much slower than using the rest API. What should I do? Thanks!

V3 API: https://api.github.com/facebook/react/issues?since=2018-02-23T18:42:18Z
GraphQL: query: “repo:facebook/react updated:>=2018-02-23T18:42:18Z sort:updated-asc”


To make it more clear, I’m suggesting something like this in graphQL to query issues updated since a timestamp.

 repository(owner: "facebook/react") {
    issues(since:"2011-01-20T20:29:52.000Z", first:100) {


This sounds like a reasonable request, @ynie. I think it might be nice to also to have an until argument as well. I’ll add this as a schema request in our internal tracker.

Until then, I think the only option is to use the search-based query that you suggested in your first post.


That’s great. Thank you! Do you have an ETA on this?

It would be great to have since and until on the IssueTimelineConnection and PullRequestTimelineConnection as well. Thank you!