Please expose html_url on installation objects


Would be useful to have html_url exposed on integration installations, which provides a link to the installation’s settings page, ie:” (if the installation is on a user)” (if the installation is on an org)

This would be useful for generating in-app links to GitHub for functionality like “Add new repository to your integration installation”, and would save me from having to store more metadata about the account on which the integration is installed to generate these links.


That’s a neat idea, @fotinakis – I think that’d be useful as well. I’ve added it to our internal wishlist and we’ll followup here if/when it’s implemented or if there’s any news.

Thanks for the feedback! :cake:


Happy Friday – this should now be available! :tada:

Thanks again for the feedback, @fotinakis, and let us know if you notice any problems.


Fantastic! Thanks for the communication and the fast turnaround.


Got a chance to try this out — looks like it may have been implemented incorrectly. I’m getting an API url returned instead of a link to the GitHub page for the installation (like html_url does in other API endpoints):

I see:
"html_url": ""
But I should see:
"html_url": ""


@fotinakis oops, yes. It should be good now. Thanks!


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