Posting an issue "– with Your App Name" results in a broken link


Found a bug with broken links in issues created on behalf of a user by an App. Do the following to reproduce:

  • Post an issue on behalf of a user with an App named, for example, “Your App Name”
  • Look at the issue page for that issue
  • The link under the title works correctly: /apps/your-app-name
  • The link in the user’s “comment” (i.e. the issue body) is incorrect: /apps/Your App Name

It appears that the URL is using the App’s name instead of the App’s slug.

Should be an easy fix, though I don’t know where else this bug comes up. Can share an example if needed.

Edit: confirmed this bug also exists in actual comments. I’m guessing there must be a component somewhere sharing similar presentation logic.


Thanks for the report, @JoshSmith :bow: – I’ll ask the team to take a look and followup as soon as there’s any news.

Can share an example if needed.

For future reports – yeah, please include specific examples and as many specific details as possible (e.g. links and screenshots), not just an abstract description of the problem. Thanks! :pray:


Hello @JoshSmith,

Thanks for the clear instructions for reproduction. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to reproduce this. I wonder if it’s possibly bad data that didn’t get fixed along with an earlier fix. Do you have an existing example of this, or can you still reproduce this?



Hi @jch, sorry I missed your reply. I do indeed have an example of this here.

You’ll see that the following:

JoshSmith opened this issue … — with Code Corps Local

…works as intended (as described in my earlier report). But each instance of the issue text and comment text headers has a broken link.


Interesting. It looks like the description link is correctly using the hypenated url, but the comments ones have spaces in it Thanks for the clear reproduction. I’ll file an issue with the team and report back.


Hey @JoshSmith, sorry about the wait, but we pushed up a fix for that link yesterday. It should be correct now!