Private/public github apps for multiple repositories


Hello, I’m a little unclear on the possibilities afforded by the private/public options for configuring github apps. I wonder if someone could help clarify for me.

My account is a member of various organizations; in some organizations I am an org admin, in some I have repo admin access, in some I have simply contributor access, and of course I have my ‘personal organization’ (my account name) with its repos.

I have an app that I’d like to be able to install in repos in multiple orgs: my personal account org, and some of the other orgs I’m part of.

  1. Is it possible to have a ‘private’ app that is installable in various orgs? If so, how do I configure it to be available, and where do I go to install it? (this has likely been answered by Install private app on multiple organisations)
  2. If it is not possible, does the ‘public app’ configuration support this? Is there any way to restrict access to the app so that only repos authorized by me/my team can actually install and send webhooks to my app? Do the different installations all point to the same app URL so I don’t have to deploy multiple instances of the app’s server(s)?
  3. Is it possible to switch an existing ‘private’ app to a ‘public’ one, or do I have to delete and recreate it as ‘public’?

Thanks all for your help.