Pull Request API - Review comments without referenced changes not returned


Using a test repo (https://github.com/hedss/bottests/pull/3) I’ve made several comments and reviews.

Whilst all non-review comments seem to show up, using /repos/:owner/:repo/pulls/:number/comments seems to only show review comments where parts of a change are referenced.

For example, reviewing a changed file by selecting a line in it, then finalising a review by hitting ‘Review changes’ and selecting an option (eg. ‘Request changes’) will create a comment and associated change reference in the conversation.

However, reviewing a change file by simply hitting ‘Review changes’ and then filling out a comment in the dialogue box and selecting an option will not have an associaited change referenced, and will not show up in the review comments pulled via the API. Neither do they show up as general comments pulled via /repos/:owner/:repo/issues/:number/comments.

Am I doing something hideously wrong? This is something I’d quite like for an Integration I’m building.



Comments entered in the “review-change” / “Approve” textarea are not pull-request comments but the “body” of the pull-request REVIEWS :wink:
You must use the pull-request-review API to retrieve them


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