Pull Request event not setting private field?



I’m trying to troubleshoot an issue where it appears there’s a private repository (it’s not public), but I’m getting PR events for it (delivery ID f6934bf0-8237-11e7-9454-5e170706f775), but none of the payload URLs are working (returning 404s).

Looking at the payload, the updated_at times are current, but I can’t see this repository at all publically, but the private fields are all set to false. This is causing some issues on my end, as I’ve assumed any repository that’s not private, I should be able to retrieve information for.

Can someone check that delivery ID and verify if that repository is private?


Hi @bradleyfalzon :wave:

Can someone check that delivery ID and verify if that repository is private?

The repository is not private. However, the owner of the repository has been flagged for suspicious behavior so their content is not shown in the UI.

It should still be reachable via the API, I believe. For example, try fetching this URL:

https://api.github.com/repos/OWNER/REPO for the repository in question.

The delivery you provided the ID for is for a pull request event, and I think that should be accessible via the API as well, though it seems it isn’t. I’ll ask the team to make sure whether or not it should be available via the API, and followup here in case the behavior you observed indeed is unexpected.


Thanks @izuzak, it does seem that I can access the repository via the API but as you’ve indicated, I can’t access the pull request. Let me know what the thoughts are, ideally I’d be able to do complete all operations via APIs (including cloning) or at least have a way to detect that some calls may fail.


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