"pull_requests" field of check_suite


When I get a requested_action webhook event, I use the [“check_suite”][“pull_requests”] array to determine what pull_requests to work on. However, on occasion, it seems this field is an empty array (e.g. on the check run for https://github.com/Keno/StructIO.jl/pull/15). I’m not sure what exactly triggers it (though in this particular instance, I believe I may have added the integration after opening the PR). I always set head_sha and head_branch when creating the check run. And I would have expected that to be reflected somewhere when I get the requested action, but that information is no where to be found.

  1. Is this the intended behavior?
  2. If so, where should I be looking to find out which PR the action was requested on?


This seems really odd. Would you mind emailing support@github.com with this one? They’ll know more (and know exactly which questions to ask to dig further).


Was this ever resolved? I’m running into the exact same issue.

After creating a pull request, when I get a check_suite webhook for the “requested” action - the pull_requests array in the payload is usually empty.

If I re-run, it’s always populated for the “rerequested” case.

This seems incorrect to me as I’d assume retrieving pull_requests is one of the most common use cases for the requested action using the check_suite webhook. Is this expected behaviour, or might this be a timing issue on how webhooks get posted?

UPDATE: I figured it out… I was assuming the check_suite requested event was sent when a PR is opened. The docs at https://developer.github.com/v3/activity/events/types/#checksuiteevent clearly state “The requested action triggers when new code is pushed to the app’s repository”.