PullRequest object `additions` and `deletions`



Hi, I’m really liking the GraphQL API but will need to drop back to v3 for the pull request object’s additions and deletions fields. It’d be awesome if these could be included in v4!

How to get changes for a pull request

The way it’s looking now this is going to take quite some time as they are very behind with pull request items


:wave: I’ve added the request of additions and deletions on the PullRequest type to our internal tracker to be prioritized. We’ll update you here when we have some more information to share.


I am replying mostly because peer pressure.

No, really, it would be great to see this in v4. We have a ton of stuff in v3 and we have started migrating away from some of those tools, because our newer stuff are cooler but we need more from the v4 api before we can switch over for real.


@artnc @kargakis We’ve just added “additions” and “deletions” to the schema! Thanks for the feature request :slight_smile: