Query don't work [NodeJS]


Hi everyone,
I tried to do some requests to my database :

With the code :

.use('/graphql', graphqlHTTP(( req ) => {
    let sess = req.session;
    sess.ctx = {};

    return {
        schema    : PublicSchema,
        pretty    : true,
        graphiql  : true,
        rootValue : {
          schema : 'public'
        context   : sess.ctx

And as you can see that worked.
But when I try to do that with NodeJS, the request don’t work :

.get('/zob', function(req, res){
    let sess = req.session;
    sess.ctx = {};
    var { graphql } = require('graphql');
    var query = 'mutation{getToken(email:"###", password:"##"){token}}';
    graphql(PublicSchema, query, sess.ctx).then((response) => {

(I put the real email and password in my code)
And the console respond :
"{ data: { getToken: { token: null } }" with error : "TypeError: Cannot read property ‘token’ of undefined"
GetToken function return null…

So, i did the same thing on GraphiQL and nodeJS but with NodeJS the query don’t work. Why ???

Can you help me ?


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