RateLimit 'remaining' stopped decrementing?



I’m building a small in-browser client app querying the GraphQL API, and to keep an eye on usage, I built a small widget displaying remaining rateLimit, but I noticed this week that it stopped decrementing as querie were being executed.

Looking at the calls in the console confirmed that it was not related to some issue with my code, I was also able to reproduce the same behavior using the API explorer (https://developer.github.com/v4/explorer/), running the same query over and over does not result in ‘remaining’ decrementing (stuck at 4999 for a simple query).

I was able to reproduce with multiple types of query, here is a simplified one:
query ($org_name: String!, $repo_name: String!){ rateLimit { limit cost remaining resetAt } repository(owner:$org_name, name:$repo_name) { name url id } }

{"org_name": "kids-first", "repo_name": "kf-portal-ui"}

Is this just me ?



I have been seeing the same thing. The remaining value seems to always be 5000 -cost and doesn’t reflect the cost of previous API calls.
Our logs show that this has been a problem since at least Sept. 7th.