Reaching the RateLimit limit



I’m wondering about what to do to avoid reaching the RateLimit limit too quickly.
Before, on the Rest API, we could use conditional request to drastically reduce the RateLimit consumption.
Do you plan to do something similar for the GraphQL API?


I’d like to know the answer too.

In case it’s partially helpful, I’ve asked the same question on the HN thread for the recent GitHub GraphQL announcement, see


Came here trying to find an answer for that… That would be very useful.



This is a great question, and one that I don’t think we’ve fully come up with a solution for here at GitHub. While the information about caching on the GraphQL Website offers some hints, I’m not sure it’s a complete enough story to demonstrate how a robust and complex cache could work with the API that has the surface and complexity of ours.

Of course, we would absolutely love to find a way to implement caching to allow all of our users to get away with spending less of their rate limit to fetch information that hasn’t been changed - it could also make the lives of our servers that much easier! I don’t have a ton to update with right now, but I can assure everyone that we are definitely aware of this weakness, and it is on our list of things to address in the future.