Recommended workflow for developing and supporting integrations


Apologies if this is outlined elsewhere (i.e. for existing oauth/hook integrations)

What is the recommended workflow for developing/testing integrations, in particular:

I would like to develop an application, should I create a test application that can only be installed on my account (so it doesn’t appear publicly), and continue a separate test and production application to maintain different hook endpoints or credentials (what if I want dev/staging/production)?

Some actions I want to test with require testing writes (such as creating issues/comments etc) and receiving hooks based on other actions. Should I create test accounts/organisations on production GitHub for this?

I can provide necessary rest api mocks myself for most of the testing, but at some stage I want to test the integration works.


Hi @bradleyfalzon,

Thanks for asking! Yes, creating a test Integration is a good option in general, and you would need to create separate Integrations for a test and production version, with different webhook endpoints and credentials, as you say.

You could create test accounts on production GitHub to explore this. Or perhaps just create a sandbox type repository to install your test Integration on. If your Integration is only installed on that repository, the test actions wouldn’t surface elsewhere on the account.

The idea of multiple webhook URLs and credentials is a good one, and we’re discussing that possibility within the team. We’ll let you know if that setup changes.

Hope that helps. Let us know how the development goes :slight_smile:


Perfect, thanks for the clarifications.