Register New Integration : Error : Change privileges to send events


When trying to “Register a new integration” most of the sections are “gray” in color, because the dropdown for privilege is set to “No privilege” by default. When I change the privilege for one of the sections to Read/Write, the section becomes white. The problem is that I still cannot check the boxes in that section. I receive this error when I click any of them:

“Change privileges to send events”

Tried on
Version 55.0.2883.87 m (64-bit)
Microsoft Edge 38.14393.0.0
Firefox 50.1.0
IE 11.576


On a hunch, I thought perhaps I could create the Integration without the permissions selected and then modify them after the fact. This did not work, because Integrations cannot be changed once they are created. A good lesson.

Problem persists.


Thanks for reporting this @solvingJ. We’ve confirmed the issue and we’re working on a fix. We’ll report back here once we have something in place.


Thanks @solvingJ, this was a bug that was just introduced and is fixed now. You should be good to register the Integration now.


Thanks for the responses jmilas and keavy , indeed I was able to create the integration as expected.