Registering app webhook for PR comments


I’m trying to build an integration app to listen on PR comments (not diff or commit comments).
I have RW permissions for PRs and enabled pull_request, pull_request_review and pull_request_review_comment events but none of them are triggered when posting comments.

Can an app be triggered by a comment (issue or PR)? Should I enable something else?


@bivas as far as I know there should be a trigger on PR comments. Out of curiosity, if you enable the “issue comments” event, does that deliver a payload for pull request comments?


@kytrinyx If I enable issue comments event (which means I’m requesting Issue RO permissions) - I do get triggered by comments. The problem here is that PR payload and Issue payload are a lot different and look like it require a lot of logic to support just comments when analyzing PR flow.

Again, the comments for diff or commit are triggered, but the ones I’m looking for are regular comments.


Thanks @bivas, I’m going to raise this internally. I can’t promise a resolution or a timeline, but I will post back here if/when I have more information.