Releases return count of 0 but Tags returns count of 44



I’m assuming I’m doing something wrong here but I can’t understand how to get release info via GraphQL. The following query will return totalCount: 0 for the releases collection but totalCount: 44 for the tags collection. When viewing the data via the Code tab in the web UI I can see items under both Release and Tags (the tag and release titles are identical). Does the releases query not actually work?

repository(owner:"<>" name:"<>") {
tags: refs(refPrefix:“refs/tags/”){


I figured out the problem. Our builds are reported to Github via tags. Github in turn displays all tags under the Releases button of the Code tab. However a tag != release. The release is only created once you have explicitly created a release based on the tag. Once I explicitly created a release I started returning data from the Releases collection.

That feature of the UI is pretty confusing. It would be nice to have not spent hours and hours trying to figure out the problem only to find an explanation on StackExchange that helped me understand this was simply bad UI labeling and design.

Get releases (including tags)

@ILKyle I’m glad you were able to sort this out.

Thanks for your feedback on tags and releases. I understand that this can cause confusion, and I’ll pass your feedback onto the team to consider.